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Making early childhood development a true social priority can happen only if cohesive action is taken to ensure all children have an equal opportunity to thrive. Proven measures aimed directly at children, others that are intended to support parents in their role as a child’s first teacher, and others still that target children’s living conditions.

The following are the pillars of our commitment, and the commitment of our partners, as we strive to achieve these goals:

  • Raise awareness at every level of society about the benefits and outcomes of taking collective action in the early years of a child’s life.
  • Engage people at every level of society and emphasize the importance of early intervention.



Early childhood development is something that impacts everyone in society, and something that everyone in society has an impact on. Every leader from every arena has a role to play in strengthening the social safety net for our youngest members. Without robust measures in place, however, the idea of prioritizing early childhood development will remain just that: an idea. Which is why the Collectif petite enfance is determined to reach out to our elected officials at the provincial and municipal level, as well as decision-makers from the health, education, community, business and other sectors, and get them to join this movement. Together, we can adopt concrete actions and measures in line with the needs of babies, toddlers and preschoolers, implement the corresponding efforts and seek out expertise from various fields.



To make a positive contribution to every CHILD’s health, well-being and development:

  • Improve access to, and the quality of, early childhood education services
  • Offer and facilitate access to health care, community services and social services, from pregnancy to the beginning of kindergarten
  • Make early screening available for all children from birth

To help PARENTS feel like they are fully supported in their role as their children’s first teachers and ensure optimal conditions during pregnancy:

  • Help make family-work balance easier to achieve
  • Develop best practices in family literacy
  • Ensure parents and children have access to local support services
  • Work with parents from pregnancy on to give all children a better start in life

To improve LIVING CONDITIONS for young children and their families so they can thrive and achieve their full potential:

  • Facilitate access to affordable housing
  • Provide financial support
  • Create public environments that are stimulating, safe and accessible
  • Ensure suitable public transit and family-friendly urban infrastructure
  • Promote access to nutritious food and healthy eating habits
  • Broaden the range of stimulating services and activities available for young children

To put winning conditions in place to support COHESIVE EFFORTS aligned with the needs of young children and their families:

  • Ensure winning conditions are in place to improve synergy between various stakeholders at the local, regional and provincial level
  • Address issues specific to under-represented communities
  • Strive to streamline public policy

We need to work together, cohesively and collaboratively, to ensure young children across Quebec have access to the best living conditions!