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Graphic standards and usage manual

This section contains a wealth of tools and materials to help you mark Early Childhood Week (ECW). 

We can also share some of the tools produced by our partners for Early Childhood Week. Write to us and let us know what you’d like us to add.

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Logos and Graphic standards

Logo ECW

Logo ECW - First Nations

Graphic standards and usage manual (ECW)

Social media

Social media guide

Some great pointers on how to get the Early Childhood Week message out there on social media. And remember to keep up on the latest ECW news on the Collectif petite enfance Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn feeds!

Post – visual for the 2021 ECW

Facebook ECW

Facebook ECW – First Nations


Facebook ECW

Facebook ECW – First Nations

Twitter ECW

Twitter ECW – First Nations

LinkedIn ECW

LinkedIn ECW – First Nations


Facebook ECW

Facebook ECW – First Nations

Colour-in poster

Share this DIY poster for the 2021 event with your social media followers. 8½" x 11", downloadable

Colour-in poster ECW

Color-in poster ECW – First Nations

Visual - Number of children aged 5 and under for each region of Quebec


Visual for different type of organization

Be proud to support families and early childhood development!

City ECW

City ECW – First Nations

Township ECW

Township ECW – First Nations

Business ECW

Business ECW – First Nations

Organization ECW

Organization ECW – First Nations

Visual for World Children’s Day

On November 20, why not invite people to proudly wear a blankie square for World Children’s Day!

Visual for World Children’s Day - ECW

Visual for World Children’s Day - ECW First Nations

Communication to elected officials

Protocol guidelines

Some tips that might come in handy if an elected official is attending your event.

Letter to provincial elected officials

Stand up for this important movement! Send a letter to elected officials at the provincial level between November 15 and 21.

Press relations

Sample opinion letter

Interested in having a letter published in your local paper? Here’s a great way to get started!

Sample address

Will you be speaking to a group of people? We have prepared some notes for you.

Sample press release

Want to draw attention to what you’re doing for Early Childhood Week? Have a specific initiative to share with the media? This model press release will help you deliver a clear and compelling message.

Tips for effective media relations

Considering reaching out to the media during ECW? Here are some handy guidelines to walk you through the process. We’ve even adapted them based on the current situation with COVID-19

Communications kit

Key messages

Have an interview lined up? Want to talk about ECW? This document outlines everything you need to know – and pass along.

Turnkey ideas

New this year... 4 turnkey actions ! Everything is thought out, planned, organized to facilitate your work.

Turnkey ideas_PDF

Email Banner

Banner ECW

Banner ECW - First Nations

PowerPoint template

PowerPoint - ECW

PowerPoint - ECW First Nations

Letterhead templates

Calendar template

Calendar ECW

Calendar ECW - First Nations

Simplified kit for your communications

Best activity planning practices

A few “COVID-proof” ideas for ECW activities to inspire you! This document also features public health guidelines and examples of activities and events from past years.