Everything we do here at the Collectif petite enfance is guided by a clear vision: building a Quebec that provides every child with the means to realize their full potential. 

In the coming five years, we will strive to:

  • Develop a broader understanding of the issues at hand and the existing and required resources to better address, as a society, the needs of young children and their families. 
  • Build capacity and boost motivation to work together more collaboratively and foster synergy across various sectors and levels (local, regional and national).
  • Strengthen our ability to engage and mobilize stakeholders and ensure young children and their families have a voice in the public space.
  • Enhance our collective competencies to put the necessary conditions in place to develop and implement successful programs and policies aimed at young children and their families.

The theory of change developed by our members will help drive our progress on the above fronts.

Putting children front and centre

Making early childhood development a true social priority can happen only if cohesive action is taken to ensure all children have an equal opportunity to thrive. This takes a series of recognized measures, some of which directly target children and others that are designed to support parents in their role as their children’s first teachers or improve family living conditions.

The Collectif petite enfance platform

The Collectif petite enfance platform


  • Access to, and quality of, early childhood education services
  • Access to health care and community/social services
  • Access to early screening


  • Balance between family, work and studies
  • Best practices in family literacy
  • Access to local support services
  • Support for parents to give children a better start in life

Living conditions

  • Access to affordable housing
  • Financial support
  • Stimulating, safe and accessible public environments
  • Suitable public transit and family-friendly urban infrastructures
  • Access to healthy food

Building together

  • Implementation of winning conditions to improve synergy between various stakeholders at the local, regional and provincial level
  • Integration of issues specific to under-represented communities
  • Streamlining of public policies

Everyone has a role to play in supporting early childhood development

Childhood development is something that impacts everyone in society — including our provincial and local elected officials and decision-makers in the healthcare, education, community, business and other key sectors. We all contribute to a child’s upbringing in one way or another. 

Let’s all join the Collectif petite enfance to adopt concrete actions and measures in line with the needs of young children and their families. 

Our strengths

Our strengths

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